06 September 2008

This Just In, From the "Unplanned Obsolescence" Department:

Via Trew Audio News: Lectrosonics To Offer Block Changes.


For the first time, the FCC has explicitly BANNED [the] use of any wireless mic transmitters above 700 MHZ. In previous years they had been unclear about "grandfathered" equipment. That changed just this month.

Lectrosonics has implemented a service plan that allows end users who have current equipment in this band to do block changes...

For some products such as IFBR1a and VRS/VRT Modules, an exchange is the lower cost pathway. While not inexpensive, this plan provides a more cost effective pathway for those who choose to change the blocks of their equipment. These block changes involved [sic] entire RF board changes...

Older products such as 200 series, 195 series etc will not be covered under this program. Frequency changes may be possible - please call the Lectrosonic's service department to inquire about feasibility.



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