19 September 2008

Summer '08 Coffey Audio Files

Hey, kids: The Summer '08 Coffey Audio Files Magazine is available for download (actually, it has been for while; so I'm behind, sue me...). Good product reviews, including the Sound Devices 788T and the Camlynx digital wireless camera hop, along with many in-depth interviews with production sound crews.

Be sure to check out self-professed "695 Newbie" Hanna Collins' article about her foray into boom operating. Snip:

On my very first take in the “ business” I held the
boom upside down, it’s been quite a learning experience
ever since...

Dan started counting how many times my
mic hit the ceiling, “ three... four... come on Hanna.”

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday (well, because the same thing happened to me yesterday).


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