16 September 2008

Quantum of Solice

Sometimes, they just write themselves...

Coffey Sound
has announced that they're taking orders for the PSC Solice Panel Mixer, due to ship in November. Snip:

Features of the PSC Solice Audio Mixer:

* 8 Input Channels with Mic Power, Parametric EQ, Pre-Fade Listens
* Individual Line Outputs on Every Input Channel, Pre or Post Fader Assignable
* 8 Mix Busses for Extreme Versatility
* 8 Balanced Outputs on Full Size XLRs and also on a Multi-Pin
* Sunlight Readable LED PPM Metering on all 8 Outputs
* Slate Microphone
* Remote Roll
* Comm - provides full duplex communication to 2 boom operators
* Operates From External 10 to 18 VDC

Pricing TBD.


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