20 October 2010

Total Hacks...In a Good Way

Matt over at recordinghacks.com alerted me to the fact that they have an in-depth mic database available to all. It's fully searchable by manufacturer and microphone type as well. The catalogue covers a wide selection, though it seems to be more music- or studio-oriented (as a handful of mics commonly used in production aren't represented). Still, if you're researching for that next gear purchase, it's certainly worth a stop.

11 March 2010

I'm Back. And This Time, It's Personal (Not Really, But You Get The Idea)

Man, sure is dusty in here.

Let me explain...[thinks for a beat] No, there is too much. Let me sum up-

  • Skylor Morgan over at Trew Audio has an early look at the recently announced Tascam HS-P82:

  • Overall, as the market continues to fill with non-linear recorders, the HS-P82 is a welcome, budget-friendly, quality addition to the fray. Tascam has added a great choice to the market.

  • Sound Devices bowed the super-schmancy CL-9 controller for the 788T for more cart-based usage. (Be sure to check out this demo video from the fine folks over at Gotham Sound.)

  • The Big Z created the Zaxcom Video University, a handful of how-to and quick-start clips for their gear.
There's more, so stay tuned, true believers. (Okay, agnostics welcome too....).