17 June 2013

Wireless Go Boom!

Earlier this year, Glenn Trew wrote about his experience with the Zaxcom 742 plug-on transmitter:

So, the Zaxcom 742 plug-on pure digital transmitter is nicely made, lightweight, usually has plenty of range, and accepts mono, stereo, and digital microphones, has a built-in recorder, can be controlled remotely, and has 137dB of dynamic range.
As you might expect all of these premium features come at a bit of a premium price: US$1995 for the transmitter and one cone (additional cones $200). But is it worth it? I’m sure that many will say “yes”, and put their money where their ears are. As purists often do.

Glenn goes into finer detail about the TX's inner workings, so be sure to click on through.

(Yeah, it's not exactly current, but neither is your mom. BURN.)


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