14 June 2013

Sold American!

Via Reuters:
"The FCC is now working on rules for the biggest-ever auction of commercially used airwaves, in which TV stations would give up and wireless providers would buy highly attractive spectrum. The auction is expected to take place in late 2014 or later...
Friday's directive also 'strongly encourages' the FCC to develop a program that would spur the creation and sale of radio receivers that would ensure that if spectrum is shared, different users do not interfere with each other." [emphasis mine]
So, we're going to be seeing as actual auction come to fruition, finally. There was no mention in the original article of any particular frequency band being considered. Again, it's reasonable to assume the newly-freed spectrum will go to wireless network providers, i.e. telcos, as they have the most to gain by building out their networks, as well as the cash to bid. Perhaps there's an app to convert a mobile phone into a wireless mic?

"But I still don't understand why I have to tape it to my chest..."

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