04 December 2008

Setiquette Part Two

Mr. Patton continues:

You have a responsibility to deliver good sound. It doesn’t matter whether you are the Production Mixer or the EPK guy. There will be times when you need something from the people around you, like quiet. It may be that the people around you will not give you what you need, even after you ask them nicely. EPK crews don’t usually get “quiet on the set.” They are expected to work around everyone else, including the guy with the power saw. You don’t have the authority to tell them to be quiet, but someone probably does. Talk to your director, your director can talk to the ADs and maybe figure out a better set-up or one of the ADs might help you get some quiet.

With the breakdown of the apprentice system, this kind of hard-won wisdom in invaluable. New crew members have fewer ways to watch over a veteran's shoulder to see how it should be done. There should be far more articles like this if we expect to maintain a base level of professionalism in the industry.

Link, via Trew Audio.

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