03 December 2008

Klassic Overuse Of the Letter K

K-Tek, purveyors of fine boom poles (one of which your intrepid reporter owns himself), have introduced the K-Tek Klassic Traveler, a budget-minded boom/suspension/windscreen package that would be perfect for an on-the-go ENG or a back up to a heavier system. Snip, via b-roll.net:

The K-87CC extends to 7′3” (221cm) and can be compressed to 1′10” (56cm). Crafted of high-density graphite fiber, the pole offers the same great benefits as the top-of-the-line Klassic 5-Section Boom Pole series...The K-87CC comes outfitted with an internal coiled cable and a bottom XLR connector.

The K-Mount microphone suspension (K-MT) offers users both the ruggedness of a shock mount and the isolation characteristics of more expensive suspension systems. The system features K-Tek’s unique 4-point polymer microphone suspenders (K-SUS) fitted precisely into a handsome cylindrical aluminum frame.

The K-Tek Slip-On Fuzzy combines a high-quality faux fur exterior with a tightly woven fabric backing — making it the only slip-on windscreen with an extra layer of wind protection. Users have a choice of a small, medium or large windscreen to fit a multitude of microphones.

Purchased separately, these items retail for $685.00. K-Tek is offering the Klassic Traveler Kit at a package price of just $575.00.


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