03 December 2008

Blimpin' Ain't Easy

Okay, if anyone feels the need to make any "full of hot air" jokes, get it out of the way now...

Anything above the lightest breeze necessitates a blimp- or zeppelin-style microphone suspension, which surrounds the mic with a volume of air that is kept at low velocity, while still allowing enough motion to proved a good, clear pickup of intended sound. This is generally achieved by building a semi-rigid plastic frame, lining it with silk or some other acoustically transparent fabric, and pairing it with a slip-on cover with longer fur, for even heavier winds.

Rode, known for their mics, has debuted its entry into the field, and Trew Audio got their hands on it. The short version:

Barely two years after releasing their extremely popular NTG series shotguns, RODE microphones has developed the RODE Blimp. RODE has studied the market, taken the best aspects of the competition, and melded it into a lower cost dependable wind protection solution...

All in all, the RODE Blimp seems to be a very good value. While slightly heavier and possibly a little less refined in appearance than the most popular brand of zeppelin there are some good ideas at work here. Owners will be satisfied with the performance and the economics of this windscreen system.

Link to review.


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