28 October 2008

Zaxcom Says, "Screw 11, We're Going To 12."

Zaxcom, makers of fine digital audio gadgetry, have recently introduced the Fusion 12 Multichannel Recorder/ Mixer.

The Fusion 12 is a twelve input, eight output mixer, with a full twelve channels of recording capability. Like the original Fusion, it is solid-state only, allowing for lighter weight in addition to increased battery life. The two Compact Flash cards will record simultaneously to provide built-in redundancy.

"Our new Fusion 12 blends the rugged durability and performance characteristics of a solid state recorder with the maneuverability of an in-bag audio mixer and recorder," said Glen Saunders, president of Zaxcom. "Also, there's a button that will play an MP3 of Danke Shoen, but you'll just have to guess which one." [Part of the above was made up. -Ed.]

And, since the first-gen Fusion was whining about feeling left out of everything, Zaxcom engineers rolled their eyes and gave it two extra channels, bringing its total to ten. Original owners can upgrade for free.

Link, via Studio Daily.


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