16 October 2008

Soundtrack Pro Tempore

Two Soundtrack Pro items today (although, I have to say, the honeymoon's almost over for me. I've been having numerous issues with nearly daily crashes and other assorted weirdness. As a fellow postie mused, "It's more like 'Soundtrack Prosumer'." There's still a lot I like, so I've got my fingers crossed for STP 3.0).

First up, from geniusdv.com: Spectrum View in Soundtrack Pro.

In Soundtrack Pro, we're all used to seeing waveforms when we open up clips. But there's another perspective on the sound that, while it's a little more scary at first, can be almost as useful once you figure it out. You can separate some sounds from others, spot areas with funny spikes that don't show up in the waveform, and even copy and paste specific sounds from within a flat clip. With practice, you can even begin to recognize the "fingerprints" of individual words. They call this view ... Spectrum View.

Next, via LarryJordan.com: Reducing Noise in Soundtrack Pro 2.

One of the exciting features in Soundtrack Pro is its ability to reduce background noise.

Notice that I said "reduce," not eliminate. If you need to remove a sound, you'll need to re-record the audio. If, on the other hand, you just want greater separation between your speaker and the background, this tool can do the trick.

Well, back into the trenches for me. I've got a twenty minute mix that's been dogging me for months. You won't best me, Soundtrack Pro! [shakes fist to the heavens]

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