04 October 2008

Sound Devices CL-8 Available Soon; Still Waiting on Clever Pun Title

Via Trew Audio: The Sound Devices CL-8 is now available for pre-order.

The CL-8 is a mixing panel extension for the 788T, adding the big operator-friendly fader pots of the 442 to the recorder, as well as two aux recording tracks, bringing the total track count to ten. They say it's cart-friendly, but the boxy form-factor seems like it would be better utilized in a bag. Snip:

The CL-8 provides rotary faders, high pass filters, limiters, polarity switching, and mute functions for each input. With the CL-8's associated firmware upgrade the 788T also adds two pre- or post- fader aux recording tracks for more versatile tracking needs. Above each fader are three buttons, one each for limiter, high-pass, and polarity...
A slate mic function and headphone solos are also added.

The CL-8 mounts with screws and interfaces with the 788T via a standard USB cable. While this makes finding replacement cables in the field a no-brainer, it does raise a concern about dislodging the cable while run-n-gun, as the USB isn't a locking connector like the XLR. Time will tell if this becomes an issue or not.


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