05 March 2008

Zaxcom Fusion Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom, makers of high-end digital recorders and wireless, have introduced the Fusion Combination Mixer/Recorder. Snip from coffeysound.com:

Zaxcom's newest product, the Fusion, offers the cumulative functionality of an 8 channel ENG mixer and portable recorder by offering the proven technology of the DEVA in a smaller more affordable package... Fusion features 8 analog inputs via full-sized XLR connectors and 8 AES digital inputs via a 15-pin D-sub...These sixteen inputs can be mixed to 4, 6 or 8 record tracks (upgrade option) using the 8 assignable fader knobs on the front panel.

At $7995 for the basic configuration, it feels a little spendy for the ENG/indie market, but considering the features and capabilities of the unit, the price feels reasonable. It's also interesting to see so much horsepower in such a compact chassis; the Fusion looks like it could free up a good chunk of mixing cart real estate all by itself.

Recently, they held a demo at Coffey Sound to introduce the Fusion (video clip below courtesy of Coffey Sound). Please to enjoy:

Link to Zaxcom product page.

Link to Coffey Sound Catalog page.

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