28 February 2008

Multiple Wireless Disorder

Day nine of twelve straight for HGTV.

Man, am I tired. But we are in the home stretch, which is good.

The shoots are fairly standard: wire up everyone and mix away. I'm using a multiplex snake to hard-wire to the camera, but on certain gigs, it's prudent to use a wireless hop, saving yourself the trouble of getting hung up on bystanders and missing that crucial shot.

To that end, B & H have put up a primer on using multiple wireless systems on cameras. Snip:

If you've ever considered connecting a wireless microphone to your video camera, the thought may have crossed your mind that it wouldn't hurt to have more than one mic. Attaching multiple wireless microphones to a video camera can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. This guide was created to show you the ins and outs of using these systems successfully with your video camera.

It's pretty basic, but does a good job of detailing the options available for wiring newer, smaller cameras with wireless receivers. Until recently, the only professional solutions for rigging wireless were meant for full-sized broadcast cameras. Now that smaller form-factor cameras are becoming common on set, these smaller brackets will become more and more useful.

(This is from a retail site, and thus is essentially a product promo, but the information is still valid.)



Anonymous said...

Thank you. We're very glad you found this useful.

syncsound said...

Thanks, Henry!