14 February 2008

Crimson And Clover(field)

I can now say, unequivocally and for the record, that having bronchitis sucks and blows.

It's day ten, and the antibiotics are just now kicking in. On a positive note, I have developed a new and lasting relationship with my couch, having not left it for the past week and a half (so if any of you feel compelled to make a Brian Wilson joke, now's the time).

But before I succumbed to the creeping crud, I did get to take in a screening of Cloverfield, the monster-attacks-city movie with a very effective P.O.V. perspective for its main narrative conceit. It may be common knowledge at this point that the movie was shot on a variety of high-def and digital cinema formats in order to facilitate the idea of a "civilian-shot" video, but the filmmakers also went so far as to record M/S stereo audio directly into the main camera.

Now, I've made my feelings on single-system audio well-known before. But I have to admit, I was thoroughly engrossed in this movie (barf-inducing whip-pans aside), and never felt like the production audio had been compromised in any way. It isn't appropriate for every project, and can often impede the flow on set, but in this instance, it was the way to go.

Link to High Definition Magazine article (there's , like, one sentence devoted to audio, but what can you do?).

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