05 March 2008


Today is apparently Zaxcom day here at the offices of sync.sound.cinema (and by offices, I mean the beat-up easy chair I bought from Goodwill for seven bucks ten years ago).

The big Z just announced that they are now shipping their new 16-track recorder, the Deva 16. Snip:

The Deva 16 provides fault-tolerant, multi-disk recording with automatic file recovery to safeguard audio even in the event of an unexpected power failure. The system provides eight analog mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power, four additional analog line inputs, eight analog inputs, and eight digital direct outputs...

The unit records to three internal storage mediums or directly to an external FireWire drive without the use of additional computers...Audio pros can refer to the Deva Sound Report, a new feature that generates an Excel file of all metadata that was entered during production.

And yes, I checked: the unit will make you coffee in the morning.

Link, via postmagazine.com.

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