01 April 2007

Snowball's Chance

Steven Douglas over at kenstone.net has posted a review of the Snowball USB Mic from Blue Microphones. Snip:

It is not a toy mic with horrid colorations, no bottom end, and a sound that reminds one of someone stuck down a well somewhere in Kansas. However, the Snowball is fairly inexpensive, and well worth the small investment for such an easy to use and neutral sounding mic. Sure there are going to be many mics much more hi end than the Snowball, but isn't it about time that there was a USB mic that you could use, be happy with, and not have to apologize for? Blue Mic's USB Snowball is here.

Link to the review, via kenstone.net.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I recently picked up a Blue Ball, the dynamic (yet phantom powered) non-USB variation in the "ball" series.

It's fantastic and recommended. Great balanced and clean sound. Beats my SM58 for quick and dirty stuff though the 58 could still take far more abuse physically.

I'm a fan and if I wanted a USB mic I'd definitely grab the Snowball.