09 April 2007

And sometimes, it just works out...

I had a pretty good day recently.

Most of my day job gigs are rather dry, corporate/industrial affairs, usually training or internal use videos, with some broadcast here and there.

But, every once in a while, you get the choice gig.

The one with the relaxed schedule, a cool, laid-back producer, and lunch provided for you courtesy of the client.

And every once in an even greater while, you get one like I got this past Friday.

I was part of a video crew, contracted to capture the 25th anniversary party of Wieden +Kennedy, a very prominent advertising firm whose clients include Nike, Starbucks, and many other struggling-to-get-off-the-ground businesses (I hope my sarcasm is apparent here).

They took over a very large warehouse in North Portland, retro-fitting it into an indoor carnival, complete with a milk-jug toss and gypsy fire dancers in the main ring.

Plus, open bar all night. But the kicker?

Live music, provided by the Beastie Boys.

Whom I like, and have never had the opportunity to see before. And now, I was watching them in a private show.

And getting paid for it.

Eat it, suckers.

I mean that nicely. :)

Yes, sometimes it does just work out...

Link to the rest of the photos (sorry for the occasional lack of focus. As you may have noticed, I do audio for a living).