23 April 2007

NAB Video A-GoGo

Steve Eagle over at Coffey Sound has posted three videos from the floor at NAB 2007, giving a brief walking tour of the pro audio booths. Items of note include:

-A brief demo of the Ricsonix Camlynx, a new digital stereo wireless hop to camera

I'm very interested in this one. Unchaining yourself from the camera can be a wonderful thing, especially with a forgetful cam op who takes off running and gives your neck a hell of a yank. Pressing two wireless into service gets the job done, but being able to send line-level and receive a warning beep when you lose signal could be a boon to mixers at this price level.

-The new Lightwave carbon fiber ENG boom pole (no links just yet)

Multi-stage carbon fiber, with a new locking mechanism that makes for a lighter pole as well as being easier to clean and maintain.

-The K-tek Zeppelin

Redesigned cage, along with sturdier foam end caps.

-The PSC Miranda, a high-end film mixing console

A Big Boy Toy. Someday....{sighs longingly}.

Plus, a lot more. It's just like being there, only without getting food poisoning from that All You Can Eat Shrimp-O-Rama Buffet.

Link to the forum post, where the clips are linked as streaming Windows Media.

(Some of you Mac users out there may wish to download Flip4Mac, a free plugin that allows WMV files to be played back in Quicktime).

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