22 December 2006

Post Toasties

Buenos, y'all.
Today's post will be about, well, post. The majority of the blog thus far has been about production audio, since there seems to be a dearth of coverage regarding that particular discipline in the media blogosphere (and, if you know of any that I don't, please let me know). But since production is all about the creation of raw material for final assembly later, it's wise to keep post in mind while on set.

Ben Balser over at eventdv.net has put together a quick primer for round-tripping audio from Apple's Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro and back again, making a quick pit-stop for noise-reduction.

There are two ways to use STP with FCP, and both use the Send To function built into all the Final Cut Studio applications. Once you go through the process and are back into Final Cut Pro, your new sound files and projects will already be in FCP and ready to use.

Link to tutorial, via dvguru.com.

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