06 December 2006

The Basics Numero Uno

Greetings, true believers.

Throughout this blog, I will be posting links to articles that lay out the basics of production audio. Since I'm pretty damned lazy, I will be posting them as I find them, rather than summarizing and critiquing in one big post. So there.

First up: "Location Sound: The Basics and Beyond", by Dan Brockett, one of many useful "white papers" on techie DV/production/post subjects available at kenstone.net.

"...Four points to remember about sound for picture

1 . The principles of location sound are the same for almost everyone shooting anything.

2 . No matter who the audience is, at the very least, they expect "transparent" sound

3 . Sound conveys emotion - picture conveys information

4 . The better your soundtrack, the less it is consciously noticed"

A very good starting place.


BTL said...

Hmm, interesting 4. Not sure I agree with all of them - aka sound is also used to convey information (the breaking glass/ringing phone/flushing toilet off-screen). Plus people do sometimes like not-transparent sound. In Fast Food Nation, I noticed, in at least the first few scenes, they boomed everything, and you could really hear the difference between the wide shots and close ups - it was great.

Thank you for creating a safe place to share something that geeky - sob! And thanks for the blog plug.


syncsound said...


Great points, all. and no sweat for the plug. Keep up the interesting work!