05 December 2006

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Cut. Back to one.

I can't believe that I forgot about this until now. Everyone who is considering a career in audio-no, strike that, anyone even remotely related to film and TV production at all should read this, and then pass it on to everyone else in their department, post-haste.

It is "An Open Letter from Your Sound Department", aka "The Letter". Written by John Coffey, it includes contributions from numerous other veteran audio folks.

"...We, the sound crew, are the ones that you depend on to create and protect YOUR original sound tracks during production.

Unlike the work of the majority of the people who are working for on-camera results, the mixer's efforts can not be "seen" on the set. Almost no one hears what the microphone picks up. Too few are sure just what we do. Only the most obviously bad noises are even brought up for discussion.

Included in our job is to monitor the sets for unnecessary, accidental, ignorant and sometimes even malicious actions or lack of actions that may compromise your sound track. To emphasize this point: WE DO THIS SO YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST TRACKS POSSIBLE; IT IS NOT FOR US. "

Whether you're a newbie trying to find your on-set footing, or a seasoned professional looking for a more effective way to communicate to that 22 year-old "producer" that, yes, that jet airplane taking off in the background will be a problem, you need to read it.

Heavy drinking has also proven effective.

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