13 January 2014

Shake, Rattle and Roll Redux

The Ktek Nautilus Follow Up

After the my initial review of the Ktek Nautilus suspension, several readers noted that they did not have the same experience with their Nautili, and Dave Fisk graciously offered to send another review sample. I recreated the setup, using the same gear and parameters as before. Here is the new batch of test files:


As before, there is a pervasive, low level ticking in the new Nautilus sample. To be fair, this is a torture test, pushing both suspensions beyond a common use scenario. Any competent boom op will swing a mic with far more grace than that, and even an ENG mixer booming with one hand will not likely ever induce the amount of vibration that I was during the test. I'm sure that the satisfied owners of the Nautilus are operating their booms sensibly, and enjoying good results.

But what about the more rough-and-tumble gigs, like back-pedaling and booming over uneven ground? In that situation, you're watching several things at once, and you don't want to have to worry about handling noise if you can help it. If one product can audibly out-perform another, especially at a lower cost, then is there even a contest?

[Disclosure: while I am loaned samples of gear for review, they are returned after the fact (or purchased at retail price). I do not receive any compensation for my reviews, other than the many beers I buy myself after I post. ]

I earned it.

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