06 November 2008


I'm usually introduced to people as a "sound guy". Like many tech-oriented industries, film and television production have traditionally been male-dominated. To date, I know of only two female production sound mixers here in Oregon (Hi Anna and Randi!).

W.A.M. is looking to change that. Based of out San Francisco, the non-profit Women's Audio Mission aims to "change the face of sound" by providing training, experience and career counseling for 200 women a year, 20 of whom are placed with paying jobs in the industry.

They are also encouraging the next generation of women in the recording arts with G.R.O.W., the Girls Recording Outreach Program. G.R.O.W. matches girls 8 to 18 with women mentors on small-scale recording projects, designed to mirror real-world productions in an environment conducive to learning.

In short, they're awesome, and they deserve all the support they can get.


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Anonymous said...

Just Curious:

Why does there have to be a
" Womems " Recording anything???

Even-though the industry is
dominated by us males...we arn't
excluding you women who wish to join our ranks...we welcome you,
and good audio is not a gender issue...Tom Ralston Oak, Ca.