11 November 2008


Chew with your mouth closed. Keep your elbows off table. Children should be seen and not heard. When you throw up in an alley behind a bar, do not go back in to "complete the mission".

This things have nothing to do with Set Etiquette and the Chain of Command, a new article from Rick Patton over at Trew Audio's Audio Flow; I just thought that my readership could use some classing up. But the article does have some very valuable, time-tested wisdom for the rest of us. Snip:

What are the basic rules for how to behave on a movie set? Don’t draw attention to yourself. Wear dark colors and be quiet. Turn off your cell phone. Don’t make eye contact with the actors and don’t stand in their eyeline. Don’t talk to above-the-line people unless they talk to you first. Don’t block doorways. Smile, be polite, and acknowledge the pecking order. Resist the urge to help out unless someone specifically asks for your help. Those are the basic ground rules for anybody walking onto a set for the first time. That’s good information for newbies and veterans alike. There are additional layers of etiquette when you are a crewmember or working on a documentary.


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