13 July 2008

Livin' On the Edge

You know, I was considering coming up with all manner of quippy explanations for my extended absence: covert ops for a shadowy government organization; community service hours for streaking; even ye olde stand-by of alien abduction (death by snu-snu!).

Yeah, no, it was only a gig. Fifteen days on the road, some of which was spent on a paddle-wheel boat (!), lazily churning its way across the swollen Mississippi. I became re-acquainted with humidity, and its ability to wrest every last iota of water from the human body. Pretty, we were not.

While we were busy changing clothes twice a day to remain slightly presentable, The Hollywood Edge was busy in preparing to offer their entire sound effects library for sale on a single hard drive. Snip from Creative Cow News:

The Hollywood Edge (www.hollywoodedge.com), the world’s most widely used sound effects library, is now available in its entirety on hard drive. The Complete Hollywood Edge includes more than 56,000 sounds (in 16bit 44.1k), most originally produced by Academy Award-winning motion picture sound studios.

The complete edition comes with Soundminer, the industry-standard sound library asset management software, designed to make it easier for users to manage their sound collections and locate the perfect sound for any situation.

While the library tops out at over 350 CD's worth of material, normally retailing around $25,000, the entire collection can now be had on a single hard-drive for $15,000. This would be a great way to jump-start a new post house and be able to hit the ground running.

Link to Creative Cow News.


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