25 April 2008

"Survival Training for Non-Linear Location Recording"...presented by John Rambo

Yo, listen up.

Dis is John Rambo, and I'm here to teach you survival skills. Not da kind of skills where you become so deadly that you can kill a man just by lookin' at him; only I can do that.

No, I'm gonna show you da basics of non-linear production sound recording, with gear from Fostex, Zaxcom, Sound Devices, and Aaton.

I'm gonna give youse a link to a page with streaming (like blood) videos, presented by I.A.T.S.E. Local 695 (which is coincidentally da number of people I accidentally killed while brushin' my teeth this mornin'). Dey also got some "...printable quick reference sheets and links to manuals, tutorials and more." I like manuals. They teach you how to vaporize stuff real good.

I wish I coulda looked at these videos myself, but my computer' broken (...'cause everythin' I touch explodes), so here's the link.

(Thanks to Jeff Wexler over at jwsound.net for the heads up...on a stick.)

P.S. I've been gettin' recon about some Chuck Norris guy, runnin' around in cowboy boots kickin' things. So I'll say this just once, 'cause if I repeated myself, the sound of my voice would stop your heart: The only good chuck is ground chuck. Take that, Norris.

{something randomly blows up}

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