07 April 2008

Lav Is a Battlefield

Hello, Cleveland...

Dan "The Man" Brockett has come through once again with a stellar article comparing 16 lavaliere microphones, along with recording samples of each. Snip:
Often referred to as a "lav", lavalier microphones are a category of sound gear that is often overlooked and taken for granted by those new to recording sound for picture. When you consider how many models of lavaliers are available, it becomes a considerable challenge to make an intelligent choice about which lavalier you should use in a given situation. If you speak with professional sound mixers, they often have a favorite manufacturer and model of lavalier that they like to use, but why? Based upon my experience, lavalier preference almost seems like a birthright, passed down from generation to generation, but if you are not a professional sound mixer, how do you know which model best suits your needs?

But my fav quote has to be this:
The lowest cost XLR cable will always have better sound quality than the most expensive wireless microphone system.

Amen to that. In my experience, people unfamiliar with audio tend to be blinded by the notion that wireless transmitters are somehow "magic". While they can be indispensable tools, they come with their own caveats.


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