05 January 2008

Self-Education Is, I Firmly Believe, the Only Kind Of Education There Is.

Happy New Year, kids.

To start things off with some momentum, head on over to dv.com for Jay Rose's column, "Audio Solutions: Confessions of an Autodidact." In it, Mr. Rose details the many options available on the web to foster self-education in the ways of audio. Indeed, I would not have the job I do now were it not for online resources such as these. Snip:

The luck part involves finding mentors and opportunities to practice your craft. These are important, and a good college can provide them both. It can also give you lists of books and help you find Web resources. But if you want to be any good, you have to keep learning throughout your career—whether you’ve taken college courses or not. So let me list some non-school resources that are part of my own continuing audio and film education. Many are free, and all are bargains.

It's a good list (someday I hope that this blog will be included on a list such as this :). Additionally, I would also check out lynda.com. They have an extensive collection of online training videos about software and basic concepts, including sound. While it is a subscription service, many of the more basic clips are free.

Link to column.

Link to lynda.com's audio section.

(With respect to Isaac Asimov for the header quote).

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