31 January 2008

It Is...Alive [Bill Murray Voice]


Welcome back, class. Now, I want you to take out paper and pencil and write an essay about what you learned over your winter break. [class rolls eyes]

I, for one, spent most of the month duking it out with software gremlins that have been plaguing my latest post audio project. Tough little boogers, they are....

But, on to catching up: Petrol announced an update to their Eargonizer audio bag, including new design features. Snip:

At the rear, the Eargonizer is equipped with a longer Velcro holding strap. This allows the strap to more firmly grip the top carrying handle and anchor it to the back of the bag when not in use -- keeping it safely away from the opening. The new, fully transparent vinyl top cover provides better visibility of the bag's contents. Three “D” rings have been added at the top of each side to enable a greater range of carrying options. A neoprene carrying strap is now included for comfortable, over-the-shoulder toting.

Although, anyone with any sense of self-preservation would do well to acquire a harness; your shoulders will thank you for it. (And, if any other body parts start talking to you, seek help immediately).

I own one myself; a review will be forthcoming.

MSRP: $283



rizzo said...

Hi Christian, - I was wondering if you find these Petrol Bags to be better, or more ergonomic than Portabraces. I am in the market for a bag and all I see are people talking about Portabraces.
I read your blog daily (glad you started back up). Keep it up. Thanks.

syncsound said...

Hey Rob,

Hope that the current review of the PEGZ-1f might help in your buying decision.

Yeah, I've used Portabrace, Kata and Petrol, and Petrol's have been the best suited to my needs. I like how customizable the inner workings are, and they're tough as nails.

The best thing I could recommend is to talk to a dealor and see if they'll demo some bags for you to wear with gear, and go from there.