10 December 2007

More Alphabet Soup RE: RF Spectrum

The folks over at Coffey Sound have posted podcasts (that's MP3s to you and me, Rusty) and PDF's of the CAS/695 RF Seminar: FCC Spectrum Sell-Off, the White Spaces Left and You. Here's an interesting snip:

• Public Safety bands will allow for various agencies to communicate with each other
• Services in balance of 700 MHz band largely unknown
• In both cases, wireless microphones will likely lose secondary broadcast rights above TV channel 51 sometime after end of DTV transition
•• Current and future system purchases should all be in frequency bands below 698 MHz!

(The exclamation point is theirs, but I agree with it.)

To do audio professionally, it isn't enough anymore to know acoustics, microphones, and levels; we are now expected to be radio engineers as well.

Not to moan too much, but consider that it would be the equivalent of expecting your DP to also be responsible for a wireless video feed on every project, in addition to framing, focus and lighting the shot. Yet another bullet point in a long line of items that differentiate ours from other departments.

That being said, there's still nothing else I'd rather do, and I've been lucky enough to make a living at it, so c'est la vie. :)

Link to the seminar, via coffeysound.com.

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