18 December 2007

Consider Me Timbers Shivered

Avast ye scurvy dogs, and be sure to check out Recording "The Morning Light", an article about handling documentary audio on a ship in the middle of a 2300 mile race. Snip:
Tasked with capturing the audio for the Morning Light project, Production Sound Mixer David McJunkin faced a series of formidable obstacles during the lengthy preparations leading up to the actual race that forced him to implement some highly unique solutions in recording the production tracks.

Wind, salt water, and the unpredictability of daily life on board a sailing boat in open water were just a few of the problems Dave had to overcome during this film that chronicles the year-long run-up to the race.

Hardcore. Makes my prior sea excursion seem like a canoe trip.

Link, via locationsound.com.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out that interview. That's one of the most demanding productions I have ever read about. It sounds very challenging and it is the reason why I want to get more into production sound.