29 June 2007

John Eargle 1931 - 2007

From JBL Professional:

John M. Eargle, who was considered by many to be the foremost expert in the audio engineering field, has died. He was 76. Eargle, who was senior director of product development and application for JBL Professional, authored The Handbook of Recording Engineering; The Microphone Book; The Handbook of Sound System Design; Electroacoustical Reference Data; Music, Sound and Technology; The Loudspeaker Handbook; and the recent The JBL Story: 60 Years of Audio Innovation. He also wrote and coauthored many articles in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society and the SMPTE Journal.

If you've been to a cinema in the past twenty years, you've heard the results of his work.

From Mixonline:

In 2002 Eargle received a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences along with other JBL engineers for the concept, design and engineering of the modern constant-directivity, direct radiator style motion picture loudspeaker systems.

Links to articles via mixonline.com, jbl.com, and a memorial tribute at johnmeargle.com.

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