21 June 2007

Back from the Dead

Hey, campers.

Recently returned from eleven days on the road with a well-known reality TV show. Of the two camera teams, we each ran 5-6 wireless, a boom, and a wireless hop for the majority of shooting, which I will cover in more depth at a later date.

As for today's tidbit, back in May Macworld ran a first look at Adobe Soundbooth CS3.


Unlike most audio editors, which are designed largely for audio professionals and enthusiasts, Soundbooth was created with video in mind.

Rather than offering countless ways to tweak audio waveforms or alter those waveforms with a dizzying array of effects, Soundbooth includes a focused set of tools for performing the kinds of tasks designers most need for their video projects—removing noise, performing basic cuts and fades, and automatically generating background music tracks.

With Adobe editing software finally returning to the Mac platform, entry-level audio-for-video on the Mac has just gotten a little more interesting.

Link to the article, via macworld.com.

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