19 November 2013

Sound Devices Intros Wee 633

Sound Devices pulled away the satin cover today to reveal the 633 mixer/recorder. Like a Herve Villechaize to the 664’s Ricardo Montalban, it looks like a truncated, but nearly identical, version of the larger model.

“Smiles, everyone, smiles!”

From glancing at the marketing material, it looks like it could fully replace the 302 and the 744T, making it ostensibly a good choice for an entry-level or secondary use (car rig, etc) purchase:

Trew Audio let their fingers do the walking in their own into video, and they raise a valid point about the smaller faders for channels 4-6. Until I can get a review sample to do some finger-mashing of my own, I’ll have to take their word on it:

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