24 August 2013

Behind the Cadelabra...There's a Mic

"We hadn’t seen the rehearsal, so we needed to be ready for any possibility. In the tub, Douglas and Damon’s close-ups were shot at the same time so we covered them with two booms. A mirror behind Damon reflected most of the bathroom so we had to work from below and our mikes were almost touching the bath bubbles. Even the camera needed to be wrapped in a towel. The one thing we had in our favor was that the Jacuzzi wasn’t actually running this time."

In the summer issue of 695 Quarterly, boom op Javier M. Hernandez shares some insight about working on Behind The Candelabra, Steven Soderberg's HBO biopic about Liberace. Just reading about some of their challenges (polyester, gold chains, Vegas penthouse aesthetics) is enough to make me sweat rhinestones.


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