03 January 2011

He Went Thataway

Greetings, programs. [throws blue frisbee, realizes loneliness]

Someone left the front door unlocked, and now I’ve snuck in to the offices of ProAudio Coaliton, which are much shinier and nicer than the offices of sync.sound.cinema.com, seeing as how they have actual offices rather than the back booth of a dive bar where I can poach free wifi.

sync.sound.cinema will be maintained, with a teaser and redirecting link for content. I urge all of you to click over early and often, as the good folks at P.A.C. have dangled the carrot of ad revenue sharing in front of me, and if there’s anything I like more than root vegetables on sticks, it’s being able to pay my rent.

It’s time to put my big-boy pants on. Seeing as how I make a point to not wear pants of any kind whilst writing, consider this a major step.


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