12 January 2009

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs. North and South America and all the ships at sea. Let's go to press..."

[Walter Winchell Voice]

By steamer and clipper alike, your faithful reporter has finally returned to his post, armed with the latest and greatest in news pertaining to sound-for-picture. Let's see what's hot off the ticker, boys:

First up, we have veteran sound mixer Dennis Maitland, talking about his trials and tribulations as a pioneering mixer, tussling with the likes of Jackie Gleason over at CBS. Who knew ol' Jackie had such a blue streak?

Next, we have two different takes on the Sound Devices CL-8 controller. Nick Huston over at Gotham Sound only got his mitts on it for about an hour, whereas whippersnapper Sklyor Morgan from Trew Audio was able to set a spell with the contraption. The word on the street is that eight is pretty great, if you can fork over the clams.

Stay tuned, folks. After this message from our sponsors, we'll be right back to dish on the dames from high society in swingin' Manhattan. Here's a hint: Dorothy Parker and the gang from the Algonquin got into another tizzy with the bartender over their sizable tab. When confronted by the manager, Ms. Parker was overheard to say, "I'd settle up, but that would involve standing up." Zowie!

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