27 November 2007

On the Level

In the current installment of Trew Audio's tech column Audio Flow, Skylor Morgan covers the myriad forms of line level encountered in pro audio. Snip:

What is the difference in line level, mic level, tape level, consumer level, +4, and -10? Some are the same, some are louder. Clear it up for you? I didn’t think so.

Audio levels are measured in decibels. Tons of logarithmic math can explain this, and many others have explained the topic extremely well. Google “decibel” and you’ll find a wealth of information on the topic. So in this session there are few things I’ll just ask you to accept.

Link to column.

P.S. I'm using downtime on my current gig for a certain athletic shoe company to blog while waiting for the next interview. Ain't technology grand? :)

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