25 August 2007

In a world...

This isn't exactly new, but still funny (at least to film dorks like moi).

Don LaFontaine, a.k.a. The Voice, is pretty much the guy when it comes to trailer voice-overs. For The Hollywood Reporter 26th Annual Key Art Awards, he and four other top voice-over artists made this intro video parodying some film trailer cliches:

If you enjoyed that, be sure to check out this brilliant trailer for the movie Comedian.


Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh!

syncsound said...

You know, I've seen it more than I can count, but it still makes me laugh every time. :)


Scripty said...

Hello! I just found your blog! Great YouTube video. I laughed, I cried,...I'm adding you as a link! (If you don't mind!) Nice to see other crew out there in the blogosphere!

syncsound said...


Thanks! Right back atcha.


Daniel Holter said...


I used to work for a voice-over who THOUGHT he was one of the top guys in the biz, but this was priceless.

Almost hired Don L for a music library demo we put together a few years ago... ended up using Vic Caroli (who nailed it but in a completely different direction).

I'm going to drop a link to your post from our music licensing blog at Burst Labs.

Thanks for the video!

syncsound said...


Thanx for the link! Glad you enjoyed it.