24 February 2007


Just wanted to let my regular readers out there (you two know who you are) that I have not abandoned this blog. After getting a week-long production audio gig, I jumped right into doing post work on a project of rather daunting scope with Cinema Queso, the production group that I belong to with twelve other not-quite-sane people.

It's called Kcor the Warrior, a sword-and-sorcery mini-epic in serial form. Over the course of about a year in our spare time, we managed to shoot about eight seven-minute episodes, all over the great state of Oregon. While I did production sound for the majority of shooting, I now have the entirety of audio post before me.

While I love post, and especially film-style creative projects, it just eats time like fire does flash paper. I only have another week before we must submit what we have as a work in progress to an upcoming festival. Until then, I will keep combing the interweb tubes for audio tidbits to share in the future.

Thanks for hanging in there, and remember: no matter where you go, there you are.

(That's Confucious, not Banzai, you '80s-cult-movie nerds...)

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