23 January 2007

Tilting at Windmills


Just read about a lawsuit in England concerning a freelance production sound mixer who was paralyzed by a falling wind turbine.

From the article:
Mr Jones told the court that he had been employed by the BBC to work on a documentary and had at no time been given warnings of any potential danger involved. He said that at the time of the accident his sound equipment was hooked up to the camera being used for filming and when the cameraman moved under the mast of the wind-powered generator, he simply followed.

Keep your wits about you out there in the field, kids. If you're freelance, and you're not on a partner/significant other's health care plan, an injury could seriously affect-or end- your career.

Remember, you are under no obligation to risk your life or bodily harm for any client under any circumstances, ever. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, discuss it with the producer. If they don't address your concerns, walk away. You may lose the gig, but you'll live to mix another day.

Link to the article, via injurywatch.co.uk.

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