30 November 2006

Wilhelm the Ubiquitous

This has been making the rounds again lately. If you've never heard of it, you've most definitely heard it. Known as the Wilhelm, it is one of the most famous screams in movie sound history. You can read more about its history at Hollywood Lost and Found.
Via: Boing Boing, Cinema Tech, et al.


Steve Lee said...

Thanks for noticing Wilhelm!

You might want to check this out too:
A Brief History of the Wilhelm Scream


Steve Lee

syncsound said...

Hey, Steve. I already put a link to that page in the main post body.

Also, congratulations on being my first official visitor (who isn't my girlfriend).


Steve Lee said...

Chris, I wasn't refering to the link to my main site (and thanks for that link) - I meant the YouTube link to the piece that's currently playing on Showtime's Video On Demand.

Thanks again!